Friday, 17 October 2008

He knows what a car is for

I'm preparing the next three, hopefully interesting articles about motoring but these take more time than expected, a resource I'm currently short of. People usually are short of it these days which I consider one of the major flaws of life, if you ask me, as it often means they focus on petty little irrelevant details instead of on things that matter.

So for the sake of continuum, I'd like to share a brilliant find with you. I randomly encountered a bloke who really understands what a car is for.

It's not to commute and pollute, to put on 30 thousands miles per annum, to have an enormous boot and to be hugely practical, like a box with wheels attached to it. When we have plug-in hybrids charged with renewable electricity, it may serve such purpose.

But now a car is for something else and this chap knows it. Enjoy. Not only the understanding, but the quality and ingenuity of filming and editing too.

by Ambition Tube

Should you be interested in soundtracks, as second comes You and Your Hand by Pink and the third is Empty Streets by Late Night Alumni, possibly a version called "original mix".

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