Sunday, 26 October 2008

What will eventually be posted here

Since I temporarily can't deliver, at least let's make some promises. Every politician knows they usually work very well, fulfilled or not (mostly the latter).

Order of listing is arbitrary.

1. Assessment and mitigation of cancer risk over the lifetime. Incidence, mortality and survival of various cancers nowadays and in the past for various age groups. Potential methods of their early detection, at least for some of them. Trends in incidence and survival in the last 30 years of medical development. Other life-threading hazards.
2. Discussion of difficulties in diagnosing early melanomas (most dangerous type of skin cancer) with some fail-safe precaution approach.

1. A glance at the market situation in terms of Microsoft vs the world of open source battle. Possible future outcome.
2. Some generic thoughts about social networks including picking up the idea, key implementation aspects and further portal development. Some retrospectives to most popular Polish web 2.0 site

1. How to buy a very safe car - combining crash test results with medical losses by make and model as well as some other aspects of choosing a vehicle offering most protection. Visualisation about how suitable (or not) modern crash tests are.
2. Ford Motor Company as an example of serious strategy flaws in motoring business.
3. Plug-in hybrids and where they belong. Options of sustainable motoring and potential issues. Maybe a cool and handy calculator will come in place.
4. Which types of vehicles (breakdown by classes and fuel types) are driven hence pollute most? In the search of Jevons paradox, some handy findings were discovered.
5. Bias in German motoring press.
6. A rant about the best sports car in the world.
7. Petrol engines that beat their diesel counterparts.
8. Car industry in numbers.
9. Battle of all wheel drives - quattro vs xdrive vs haldex vs 4matic - torque based vs skid detection based. A proof of the concept that only AWD cars should be made.
10. Hybrids vs diesels rematch since new players have come into field.
11. Samples of rather obvious designs and product planning faults, including Lexus and Honda.
12. A rant about some cars from VW AG that are finally thrilling.
13. Polish translation of one of the best guides to defensive driving I have ever come across.
14. A word about fuel/energy efficiency of various means of transport. Do we really save much by taking a bus? Share of various means of energy consumption of a household.
15. Formula 1, what matters there. A car or a driver?

Simple yet effective peak oil mitigation:
1. Guidelines how to buy a proper city bicycle. Forget once and for all about pointless traffic jams.
2. Seriously professional advice how to cut you fuel consumption four-fold.

1. Music this good you'll hardly believe your ears.

When will it appear?

Dunno, mate! At some point! It'll take at least a week from now to start. But at least now I have some way to memorize ideas.